For some time I’ve been a fan of NPR ( hosted radio shows and podcasts. But recently I’ve stumbled upon one of their jewels which I found to be extremely beneficial. It’s called “How I built this” and each episode includes an extraordinary story behind a successful business or movement told by the (wo)man who built it.

Host of the show is Guy Raz who is also host of another great NPR show called “TED Radio Hour”. Each Friday he has a conversation with the entrepreneur behind of what today are great companies. Instagram, Airbnb, Vice, Spanx, Angie’s list, Zumba, Zappos they are all in the list of people who already told the story behind their business. They talk about the start, their pitfalls, how they have endured and of course, what they think is the key element of their success.

Looking for some inspiration? Want to know what you can expect once you start your business? Listen How I built this episodes here: NPR – How I built this

And you can thank me later. 🙂

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Gjoko Pargo


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